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'Super Impressed': Von Miller Praises Strength Of Megan Denise After Birth Of Son 'Valor'

(CBS4) -- On Thursday, Denver Broncos defensive end Von Miller spoke candidly about the experience of becoming a father, saying he was "blown away" by watching the labor and delivery. His first child, a son named Valor, was born Monday night and Miller and Megan Denise.

"It was a great, great labor, great delivery. I was super impressed by Meg, you know the job she did," Miller said.

"I always knew how hard it was to have a kid," Miller said. "But when you sit there and witness it and see all the things that go into it, like, I was just blown away."

von miller son blown away
(credit: CBS)

"I was super impressed by, you know, how strong she was, and how she was just able to just push through all of that stuff," Miller said.

"And I'm scared of needles!" Miller joked. "You're having a baby, there's all types of needles, all types of stuff is going on, and she did a great job."

von miller son scared of needles
(credit: CBS)

Miller quipped about having a new understanding of the excitement and wonder that new parents feel.

"Right when I, like, put him on her chest, he, like, lifted his head up, and I thought, 'Yeah. Yeah.'"

"You know when people have kids, they're always like, 'That's special. That's special,'" Miller added. "But I really thought, like, 'That's different, right there.'"

von miller son thats different
(credit: CBS)

"Because he was still blue and he was trying to lift his head up," Miller said.

Miller said watching his son's first moments was a great experience.

"It was cool, just the experience, and to see his face, see him smiling and opening his eyes, all that stuff," Miller said. "It was great."

The Broncos pass rusher skipped training camp on Monday to be at the birth of his son, and took Tuesday off, but returned to practice on Wednesday.


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