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Students Walkout In Protest Of Possible Changes To Abortion Rights After Supreme Court Draft Opinion Leaked

WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) – Students from Windsor High School in northern Colorado joined several other schools along the Front Range in hosting walkouts on Thursday. The students were protesting possible changes to abortion rights from the Supreme Court.

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While most students participating in area walkouts remained near their campuses, some went to the capital in Denver to share their thoughts.

"We have to be really loud, and do a walkout like we did today at our school just to get people to visualize what we are doing," said Ace Ayers, a junior at Windsor High School.

Ayers organized the walkout and protest in Windsor which lasted most of the school day. Dozens of students gathered near the Windsor High campus holding signs objecting to a change to Roe v. Wade. Most of the students participating in the Windsor protest were girls who are not old enough to vote.

"It is important because we usually don't have a voice in situations because we are too young to vote. It is really difficult to get our voices out because of how young we are," Ayers said. "I'm hoping we can get people to think about their opinions and really see our reasoning."

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Brooke Faulkner, who lives to the south of Denver, said she agreed with Ayers when it came to trying to get more students to vocalize their beliefs.

Faulkner, the regional director for Students For Life, supports an overturn of Roe v. Wade. She said she supported giving the power back to states to enforce abortion policies as they individually choose.

"I just want students to know that this isn't something that is big and scary," Faulkner told CBS4's Dillon Thomas. "It's actually an exciting change."

Faulkner noted that girls and women in Colorado would likely not see many, or possibly any, significant changes to how Colorado addresses abortion if the Supreme Court does decide to make any changes, as Colorado already has laws that protect access to abortion.

"I am a woman, I definitely do not want my rights taken away. However, I do believe in protecting the rights of other people," Faulkner said. "We believe life begins at conception."

Faulkner said she believes a change from the highest court would actually further empower every race, sex and gender.

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One thing both sides of the debate could agree on is that they want more students to find their own ways to vocalize and show their support for whatever side they believe in.

"There is a lot of heat on this topic and it is scary to share what you believe," Faulkner said. "People should stand up for what they believe in, whether they agree with me or not. I think students have beliefs, and as long as they are able to back those beliefs they should share them."

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