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'It Does Take A Village': Strive Prep Provides Not Only Turkeys, But Books, Mental Health For Students Struggling With Remote Learning

DENVER (CBS4)- Getting food on the table this Thanksgiving could be harder than year's past due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Strive Prep, a community of public charter schools, is stepping up to help meet their needs in more ways than one.

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Tammy Allmer is a mom of 7 kids. She's been hit hard by the pandemic.

"People's work got cut, hours got cut, so times are rough," Allmer told CBS4's Andrea Flores. "I don't want my kids suffering. I make ends meet as much as I can, but you can only do so much."

Her family is just one of 70 getting a free turkey from Strive Prep, a system of charter schools in the Denver metro area.

"The social workers and psychologists were able to identify families that have the highest, needs whether it's financial or housing, or they're struggling overall, so we wanted to be able to give them something to be able to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday with their family," said Christina Amparan, Director of Advocacy for Strive Prep.

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Strive Prep is giving away more than just a free turkey. They're also providing free books and access to mental health services for students struggling due to remote learning.

"With virtual learning, it's made it very difficult for our families to have any resources or limited connection to teachers, so the more we can give them, the better," said Amparan. "It does take a village to be able to serve our families, and our children, in order for them to be successful in their education and be healthy and safe."

As communities come together to offer support during a time of need, Allmer says having even one meal makes a big difference.

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"There are people out that that don't have anything, that are on the street, that don't have family and don't get to eat," Allmer said. "I'm grateful."

LINK: Strive Prep

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