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Strains Of Pot Named For Manning Brothers, Peyton Not Happy

DENVER (CBS4) - There's a strain of marijuana named after Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and his people aren't happy about it.

CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger found the pot being sold in medical marijuana dispensaries in the Denver area.

The big face off is set for Sunday as Peyton Manning will take on the New York Giants and his brother, Eli Manning, who also has a strain of marijuana named after him. Apparently there are no royalties involved.

A representative for Peyton Manning is threatening action against those selling the strain named after the quarterback.

The Peyton Manning pot label says it's good for pain, anxiety, nausea and headaches, while the Eli Manning strain claims to help with multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and arthritis. It's priced at approximately $280 an ounce.

CBS4's inquiry to the Broncos regarding the Peyton Manning pot was directed to one of his representatives who said the marijuana growers and sellers "don't have his permission for using his name for commercial purposes. If they continue to do so legal action will be taken."

The Peyton Manning pot is grown and sold by Good Meds, which has dispensaries and a cultivation facility in the Denver area. Its website offers a 10 percent discount for those who wear a Broncos jersey on game day.

One of the owners of Good Meds told CBS4 they named the plants after the Manning brothers because the seeds are related. CBS4 was given conflicting information as to if the strains will be continued to be sold.

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