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Hancock Outlines City's Strengths, Weaknesses In State Of The City

DENVER (CBS4)- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock emphasized many issues in his State of the City address, including affordable housing.

"We have people working full time but staying in our shelters because they can't afford rent. Low-income families living in public housing who are just getting by. And seniors living on fixed incomes falling into homelessness because they can't afford health care AND their homes," said Hancock.

He also outlined actions to manage the city's growth and transportation challenges from the Hiawatha Davis Jr. Recreation Center in North Park Hill where he grew up.

"Time and again, through booms and busts, we have created a city that was built by and for the people. Cities change. Denver is not immune to that. But we can ensure it happens the Denver way, so that we remain connected to our past, to our neighborhoods and to one another, so that we never lose the heart and passion of our city and her people."

Hancock unveiled a new Mobility Action Plan, that accelerates projects, policies and programs to move more people. The plan calls for:

1. A massive reduction of drivers who commute in cars by themselves;
2. A significant increase in pedestrian, bicycle and bus commuters;
3. Greater deployment of electric vehicles and charging stations;
4. Wider use of smart technology to improve access, cost and reliability for everyone; and
5. Reducing traffic-related fatalities to zero by 2030.

"I know many of us relish the days when it took 15 minutes to drive anywhere in Denver. But 15 minutes now takes 30, or longer. The quality of our streets is deteriorating. We don't have enough mobility options, and our roads are not as safe as they used to be," said Hancock.

Hancock also talked about increasing access to parks and recreation activities, providing good-paying jobs for local residents, fixing and improving streets, preserve neighborhood character while planning for the future and keeping Denver affordable for all.

"A city by and for the people who call it home is our guiding light," Mayor Hancock concluded. "Only because of your sacrifices, struggles, gains and achievements do we prosper. The time is now for a new civic contract, when opportunity abounds in every neighborhood and we don't forget where we came from, how far we've come, and how far we've yet to go."

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