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Some Counties That Won't Allow Recreational Pot Still Want Slice Of Pie

DENVER (CBS4) - The debate continues over which counties will receive money if Coloradans pass a sales tax on recreational marijuana.

Some Colorado counties want their slice of marijuana sales tax revenues -- even those who voted against recreational marijuana, such as Douglas County. Some call it hypocritical.

"The answer is going to be then, why was my county not able to opt out of allowing the smoking of it at all?" Douglas County Commissioner Jack Hilbert said.

Hilbert argues that counties next to those that allow it to be sold will need to pay for an assortment of social problems produced by marijuana smokers.

"There are several kinds of impacts. It could relate to where we have a family that suddenly begins to experience some bad financial problems, we could end up in domestic situations, we could end up in child neglect issues," Hilbert said.

"They should actually be saving money in terms of jail costs that they don't need to be filling up," said Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Boulder.

Singer sponsored the House bill on marijuana sales and use tax that will be voted on next month by Coloradans.

"So to say this late in the game, 'Well, we want tax money for something we're not willing to tax or regulate in our own district,' it's a little hypocritical," Singer said.

Hilbert is now seeking a state House sponsor to support more money for marijuana impacted counties.

"We're not asking them to change anything other than to study it. So I can't believe we can't get a sponsor who at least understands that we need to take a look at the impacts on counties who don't sell," he said.

In April the Department of Local Affairs, Department of Revenue and cities and counties will meet to discuss the local impact of marijuana. After that money might be allotted to counties.

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