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Sniper Training Exercise Continues At Folsom Field In Boulder

(CBS4) - A large training exercise is underway in Folsom Field in Boulder, and that means neighbors may be hearing gunfire. The action is being conducted on the University of Colorado campus now to make sure as many people as possible are safe in the event of an attack.

(credit: CBS)

If there was an active shooter at Folsom Field during a football game or at another sporting event, how would officers respond? That's what law enforcement snipers are training for.

The training exercises started on Wednesday and they will continue through Friday. On Friday there will be some training that takes place after dark.

Ten local and national agencies participated, including the University of Colorado Boulder Police Department.

The training started with the snipers running into the stadium to simulate rushing to a shooting. That was followed by the snipers hitting targets 100 yards away from the field.

Later they moved up in different levels of the college football stadium to take practice shots from the top of the press box near the lights.

The goal is to work out the best ways to respond to a large incident to prevent mass casualties.

"If you provide the most realistic training you can -- you put officers and test officers in these situations, then they're going to make better decisions when it comes to use of force. They're going to make better decisions about how to deploy their SOPs. ... Overall it has a tremendous effect on increasing their awareness and readiness in case tragedy comes," said Mark Lang from TACFLOW.

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