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New 'Smart' Cycling Study Underway in Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - An innovative study is underway in Denver to better understand cycling and how to improve safety, connectivity and equity. The Downtown Denver Partnership is putting on the study and they are gathering data in a unique way. 300 cyclists were given lights, that are also sensors, to put on their bikes.

The sensors will be able to track the user's breaking and swerving, even when they're on rough and uneven pavement conditions. This will allow planners and engineers to better understand where a safety issue may exist prior to a crash occurring.

"The most exciting thing is we'll actually understand how different cyclists are using the roads so we'll understand the difference between how men and women are using the roadway. So this is going to teach us a lot more than what we currently know about cyclist behavior," said Andrew Iltis with the Downtown Denver Partnership.

The study aims to collect data representative of cyclists of all abilities, and who ride their bikes for a variety of reasons -- whether to commute to work each day or for leisure and recreation purposes. The data and technology generated will be shared with the city and may be used in future cycling safety studies.

All of the free sensors have been given out, but if residents in Denver would like to participate they can purchase their own See.Sense light off Amazon using a discount code DOWNTOWN837A to receive a 25% off discount. This is only valid for Denver residents. Once they get the light they will use project code 4DENVER to join the study.

This information is available on the project website.

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