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Smaller & Quieter Crowd Remains In Occupy Denver Protest Area

DENVER (CBS4)- A much smaller and quieter crowd were all that remained of the Occupy Denver protesters in downtown Denver Friday night.

They spent much of their evening plotting their next move after an early morning crackdown to dismantle their tent city.

"My plan is to stick it out. I'm staying here until something gets changed," said protester Daniel Robinett.

Fewer than 100 people remain at the park across from the state Capitol. Protest leaders said they will respect the 11 p.m. curfew and no one will camp in the park.

"I'm not sleeping in the park. I'm staying awake. Sleeping in the park isn't even worth the ticket," said protester Marcel French.

It's a stark contrast to what happened Thursday night and early Friday morning. Colorado State Patrol made good on its promise to enforce the curfew and tore down tents where they had been set up. A total of 23 people were arrested and charged with unlawful conduct on public property.

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State troopers were strategically spread throughout the park Friday night.

"Since the parks are closed at 11 p.m. we will not be in the park at all. We will be on the sidewalks not blocking pedestrian traffic at all, proceeding to walk around the sidewalks," said Englewood resident and protester Matthew Dolloff.

The protesters said they want their message to be heard and don't plan on leaving until it is.

"We've got to all speak up now, because if we don't-- it's an opportunity, it's an opportunity to change something," said protester Colin Henderson.

"I'm out here for my fellow homeless people," said protester Daniel Robinett.

"I'm fed up with the banks getting bailed out and the people not getting bailed out," said Dolloff.

"I care about freedom," said Denver resident and protester Matt Drobnick.

"There's kind of a collage of motivations here and I think that that might be one of the strengths. I think that is adaptable and flexible as a movement," said protester Ryan Pace.

Occupy Denver is planning another protest Saturday at noon at Civic Center Park. Police and Colorado State Patrol are teaming up to make sure the demonstrations stay peaceful.

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