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School Bus Safety Bill Designed To Protect Colorado Kids

DENVER (CBS4)- A Colorado lawmaker wants to tighten up school bus security regulations, and it could mean increased protection against terrorist attacks for students. A total of 365,000 students ride buses daily, with buses being the largest form of mass transit in our state.

School bus with flashing lights on a country road.
School bus with flashing lights on a country road. (credit: istock)

That's why Sen. Don Coram says we can't take any chances; the risk of not being prepared is too great. The Republican representing southwest Colorado introduced a new bill, "The Smart School Bus Safety Pilot Program."

That bill is in committee on Wednesday morning for a hearing.

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(credit: CBS)

The school bus safety bill would create an app that allows parents to track their kid's bus at all times, equip buses with silent alarms and radios and install a dedicated broadband network on buses that puts drivers anywhere in the state in direct communication with law enforcement. The bill would also fund recruitment and screening of drivers.

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(credit: CBS)

Coram's bill is part of a larger effort to increase safety in Colorado schools; the state has spent $75 million over the past two years. Homeland Security is also training drivers in anti-terrorism. CBS4's Shaun Boyd got an exclusive look at one of the Boulder courses in November 2019.

There is no indication that school buses in Colorado are at risk, and there has not been a terrorist incident involving a school bus in The United States.

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