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Runaway Car Crashes After Driving 25 Miles On I-70

GENESEE, Colo. (CBS4) - A driver walked away from a crash that was caused when his car took off on its own Saturday afternoon.

Greg Gill noticed something was wrong while he was traveling eastbound on Interstate 70 near the Empire exit. He drove 25 miles, topping speeds of 100 miles per hour before coming to a crashing halt just past Genesee. It appears the car's accelerator pedal was stuck.

Gill said his accelerator problem began at Berthoud Pass. He called 911 and patrol cars followed him to keep traffic away as he drove up a runaway truck ramp and then slid off the ramp and came to a stop after hitting a patrol SUV.

"I flew by vehicles and went into the right median and the left median and everything I could do to just get around people without causing any kind of accidents," Gill said. "Fortunately there were no accidents; no one was injured at all."

Gill was the only person in the car, but he did have his dog along.

I-70 was closed after the crash for about two hours.

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