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Experts Say To Water Landscaping As Colorado Faces Abnormal Warm And Dry Spell: 'If Roots Don't Get Moisture, They Die'

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) - With more abnormally warm and dry weather in the forecast for Colorado's Front Range, plant experts are urging people to water their trees, shrubs, and lawns.

"If roots don't get moisture, they die and then they can't support the plants the next spring," said Mari Hackbarth the Plant Diagnostic Clinic Coordinator at the Jeffco Extension Office.

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"Everybody should be out watering ... Early in the day, you want time for the water to soak in before it cools down at sundown," said Hackbarth.

The Colorado State Extension Office created a tip sheet for winter watering. When a few weeks pass without any natural moisture, experts say it is time to put at least a few gallons of water into your vegetation.

"Most of these plants are dormant so it's easy to think they're not doing anything, but they're still existing. They're just in a slow-down state and you may not see the damage until next spring or summer. If they do get winter damage winter desiccation," Hackbarth said.

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Waiting for snow or rain and leaving your plants, trees, or grass to get too dry can cause even more damage when a winter storm comes.

"When they're not hydrated are more susceptible to freeze damage. So that when we have the sudden freezes like we typically have in fall or more damaging Lee in spring. Those end in tips of the branches are more likely to get frozen and die," Hackbarth said.

"We won't really know until next spring what the outcome is, is going to be or what the what the results are going to be of this dry, dry fall."

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