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Rally held in opposition to Colorado bill that would prohibit buying and selling of assault weapons

Gun owners hold rally at Colorado State Capitol
Gun owners hold rally at Colorado State Capitol 01:52

The group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners held a rally Tuesday morning at the Colorado State Capitol in opposition to a bill aimed at banning the types of assault weapons that have been used in mass shootings. The bill was considered by lawmakers during the day.


The bill would prohibit people from purchasing, selling or transferring ownership of an assault weapon.

"We need to face the fact that we have a moral problem in this country and not a gun problem in this country," said state Rep. Elisabeth Epps during the hearing.

"Murder and kill really doesn't capture what we are talking about in terms of destruction that the weapons cause to the body," said a man who also spoke at the hearing.

This is the second year that Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has assembled a large presence in opposition to a bill like this one.

The bill is one of 10 gun control bills before lawmakers at the state capitol this legislative session.

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