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Rockies Work To Keep Coronavirus At Bay, Jeff Bridich Says Team 'Shouldn't Let Guard Down'

DENVER (CBS4) - The Colorado Rockies have been successful so far this season at keeping coronavirus at bay.

"There isn't a whole lot of margin for error. So we really need to bear down and focus on trying to win each situation that's brought up," Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich said.

Winning each situation has a different meaning in 2020. Whereas before that mostly applied to in-game situations, this year winning off the field holds equal importance -- and so far, the Rockies are excelling in all areas.

"Our guys have done a really nice job, and they've stayed committed to each other real well," Bridich said.

Colorado Rockies v Seattle Mariners
(L-R) Charlie Blackmon #19, Garrett Hampson #1 and Phillip Diehl #64 celebrate after a Rockies game against the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park on August, 8, 2020. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

When I asked Bridich how much the maturity and self-control of players will be a factor in this season's success, his answer was simple:

"Big. There's no other way to cut it."

He added, "honestly, they're the ones that have to make this happen. They're the ones with the most control of whether we get through this or not."

Some other baseball clubs haven't had the positive results the Rockies have had, like the Marlins, who had an outbreak of more than 20 players and staff. Or the Cardinals, who are dealing with a double digit outbreak. The Rockies are using those clubs as examples of what not to do.

"I think when things like that pop up with teams, it's a great reminder for everybody how easily it can happen and why we shouldn't let our guard down," Bridich said.

Not only does Bridich believe that the Rockies and the MLB will get through the 2020 season successfully, he also believes that at some point, it will look and feel like old times.

"We've been focused to this point and hopeful that we're going to have fans in the stadium. I think everybody hopes and is positive, or is just hopeful that at some point soon we have fans back in the stands. Everyone appreciates the electricity that is missing without those fans."

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