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Rockies Owner: 'Maybe Denver Doesn't Deserve A Franchise'

Rockies Coach Bud Black talks about changes made to MLB games
Rockies Coach Bud Black talks about changes made to MLB games 01:01

DENVER (CBS4) - Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort suggested to an unhappy fan Denver perhaps no longer deserves a baseball franchise and the Rockies should move.

CBS4 has obtained a series of emails between the long-time season ticket holder and Monfort which occurred between July 5 and July 8. The season ticket holder, who is from Denver but asked not to be identified, sent an email to the Rockies fan feedback line July 5t, writing, "The Monforts have no business owning a baseball team and their missteps in hiring 'the good old boys' for front office and management positions is solid evidence of their ineptitude. They have ruined pro baseball in this region while generating millions of dollars in profit.' "

The 57-year-old man told CBS4 he did not necessarily expect a reply from the team. But the next day, July 6 at 6:47 p.m., Monfort personally emailed the fan the following: "By the way you talk maybe Denver doesn't deserve a franchise, maybe time for it to find a new home. Thanks."

The message was sent from Monfort's iPad and in a phone call with CBS4 Thursday night, Monfort confirmed sending the email.

"I sort of remember," said Monfort. "I do remember that. I was rapid firing it."

But Monfort now says what he wrote was not what he intended to write.

"I don't even have an idea what I meant to say," said Monfort.

He went on to explain that, "What I meant to say was maybe we, the owners, don't deserve a franchise."

Monfort was adamant that despite what he wrote, he was not threatening to move the team and did not mean to write, "Denver doesn't deserve a franchise."

"That's not what I meant," repeated Monfort.

However the fan who received the email told CBS4 he believes Monfort's words were clear the first time.

"Making a threat to move the team from your iPad is not a constructive move," said the season ticket holder.

This marks the second time in a week a controversial email has emerged from Monfort in response to an unhappy fan. A Grand Junction man, Michael Ferguson, emailed the team following a loss July 4 expressing his displeasure with the product on the field, to which Monfort responded, "If product and experience that bad don't come!."

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The Rockies owner, chairman and CEO was heavily criticized for that approach to the fan.

On July 8, Monfort again emailed the season ticket holder and was more conciliatory.

"I have no defense we have played poorly, this is a time where we all hang in together, we are all part of the team ... my goal is to get us playing like I think we should."

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