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Signatures Delivered For 'Right To Survive' Initiative To Protect Homeless

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver's homeless problem will be a main topic for voters in May. One group is doing what it can to get the "Right to Survive" initiative on the ballot.

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On Monday, organizers turned in more than 9,000 petition signatures from voters who support it.

Supporters say the initiative would protect the homeless and would also overturn Denver's camping ban which prohibits camping on public property.

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"I think you have to. You can't just say its illegal for being or sleeping somewhere.. its not showing any heart and it's not who we are as people," said Jonathan Groves, who supports the initiative.

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Kera Terwillinger says she's seen homeless activity on trails and in parks and in Denver's Stapleton neighborhood. She opposes a law that would reverse the camping ban.

"I understand there are homeless people, but there are places that they can go in Denver and not be in our neighborhood leaving trash and needles and everything else they have," she said.

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To deliver the petitions, supporters covered themselves in blankets symbolizing the basic protection the initiative is demanding.

The city will determine whether the signatures are valid.

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