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'Half Our Revenue Stopped': Frederick Business Owners Fear Impact Of Storage Regulations

FREDERICK, Colo. (CBS4) - Business owners in the Town of Fredrick are concerned by the city's new enforcement of storage containers and fear it could push some businesses out.

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"We use them for portable storage for people," said Ed Watson the owner of Watts Storage. "We started doing shipping containers, take an RV out, put a container in and rent it to somebody for a more affordable storage. We had small business people in there."

Ed Watson
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In the spring, the Town of Fredrick says it started enforcing a land use code after a complaint. About 45 businesses are impacted now after a sweeping investigation. In June, the town sent letters saying enfocement would start at the end of August.

With the threat of major fines, Watson told his tenants they had to move out.

"Half our revenue stopped right there," he said.

frederick city council
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At Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting for the town, a construction company representative said they were concerned with the pace the town has begun enforcing the code around storage containers. Adding that the company may have to move out of Fredrick if a code change is adopted.

The city staff has recommended to change the regulations and limit portable storage containers to a maxiumum of 10 to 15 at industrial sites. Other restrictions require the containers to be relocated after a certain amount of time.

"The other businesses are definitely going to be impacted, I hope they don't get shut down if you will," Watson said.

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The Mayor of Fredrick, Tony Carey, urged the city not to enforce the code next month and to work with the business community on a compromise. But a restriction on portable units is likely.

"They could grandfather in all the old businesses that are here," Watson said.

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