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Retailers Ramping Up Efforts To Hire Seasonal Workers

DENVER (CBS4) -- Retailers are ramping up their efforts to find seasonal workers for the holidays.

A growing economy has plenty of jobs to be filled and, here in Colorado, many people are looking to see if they qualify. Finding a more convenient workplace or a higher salary were common goals at a job fair held Wednesday.

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"I just kind of wanted to see what was out there, see if there was something more suited for me," one man told CBS4 reporter Shawn Chitnis.

Around 30 companies with hundreds of openings were recruiting at the event in Aurora.

Some applicants were already working and looking for a second job.

Just in Colorado, Target announced it has 4,500 positions for the holidays.

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Kohl's will need almost 900 people.

Nationwide, Gap says it wants to hire 65,000 workers and Macy's is looking for 80,000 employees.

Colorado's unemployment rate of 2.8 percent is letting job seekers be more selective -- getting to choose their hours and even receive training needed for certain jobs.

"A lot of the employers will get creative, a lot of the companies have different part-time positions or will work around a candidate's schedule to bring them on board," said Darrel Bowling, with JOB News.

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It can still be a challenge to find the right job in this current market, but those looking to improve their situation are optimistic.

"Always reach for the better opportunity, they're out there," one man said.


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