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Residents weary of Broomfield airport's plane noise address FAA

Residents weary of Broomfield airport's plane noise address FAA
Residents weary of Broomfield airport's plane noise address FAA 01:25

Representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration were on hand Monday to hear area residents complaints about noise at a rapidly growing Broomfield airport.

Framed by the snow covered Peaks, Rocky Mount Metropolitan Airport can look like a pilot's dream. But it comes at a loud price for those who live nearby.


David Segal lives in Boulder and is far from alone.

"There are some days you can't sit outside for more than two minutes without a plane flying overhead. They are flying low, slow, and they are looping, and that's the issue."


This room was filled with people wanting the FAA to know they want help to curb the noise.

Deven Shaff is the Airport Noise Roundtable chair: "There is a significant amount of decision making on the part of the FAA and some decision-making left up to the airport as well."

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There is noise from private aircraft, commercial aviation and the occasional helicopter. Brad Walker flies planes and told CBS News Colorado he understands his neighbors concerns.

"I agree that we need to make some changes and the pilot community is willing to do that," he said.

One neighbor displayed an image of flight paths towards their homes.


There are also concerns about multiple aviation accidents in the general area.

Anne Wilson, a Boulder resident said, "Ten people have died from those six crashes. Two other crashes, other people were able to walk away."

A fatal crash near the RMMA last year involved a pilot practicing with a plane from a flight club.

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No major breakthroughs took place at Monday's meeting with the FAA representatives, but community members said at least their voices were heard. 

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