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Rep. Lauren Boebert Shares Photo With Kyle Rittenhouse

(CBS4) -- Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado posted several tweets Tuesday morning from a conservative conference called AmericaFest 2021, including a photo with fan-favorite Kyle Rittenhouse.

"Should we submit this picture for Wikipedia's 2nd Amendment page?" Boebert tweeted.

twitter warning boebert
(credit: CBS)

Some Twitter users received a "Heads up" disclaimer from Twitter, noting "Conversations like this can be intense. Don't forget the human behind the screen."

A few minutes earlier, Boebert tweeted: "Authenticity seems to be banned in Washington DC. That's why they hate me so much. Deal with it, libs."

"The Radical Left spent the past few weeks trying to CANCEL me. I'll NEVER stop calling out their BS & they know it!" she also tweeted Tuesday.

On Monday, Boebert changed her profile picture to a shot of her holding a mug that read "Liberal tears."

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