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Rent A Car That's Already Parked At DIA

DENVER (CBS4) - Rental companies at Denver International Airport have some new competition. Now some travelers are renting out their vehicles already parked while they're on a trip.

Here's how it works: travelers list what they have to offer and another driver decides if it fits the bill.

The company said to think of it like a meet-up site that brings drivers and cars together.

FlightCar operates online with an office at the Cambria Suites where travelers arriving at DIA can rent a car from those who are flying out.

"It's 30 to 40 percent less than your typical legacy rental car company," said FlightCar's head of expansion Ryan Adlesh.

FlightCar service includes free airport pickup and drop off for both owners and renters. FlightCar also insures each vehicle for up to $1 million on property and liability along with full coverage of the car in case of collision, damage or theft.

(credit: CBS)

The City of San Francisco sued FlightCar for refusing to pay fees required of other airport rental car companies.

"We are in the middle of finishing up the settlement agreement and we will be paying the fees," said Adlesh.

Rich Broome, Hertz Corp. Executive VP of Corporate Affairs and Communications, told CBS4 that FlightCar hasn't cut into their market share but said, "We want to make sure any competitor has to play by the same rules."

When asked if FlightCar would be paying the fees at DIA, Adlesh replied, "Absolutely."

DIA is FlightCar's 14th location.

DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery responded with this statement to CBS: The airport is aware that FlightCar is now providing services to passengers at DIA. This is a new type of transportation business model and the airport is currently reviewing its commercial transportation and car rental policies as they apply to FlightCar's operation.

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