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Relics From Union Station Unearthed During Renovations

DENVER (CBS4) - With Union Station's big re-opening later this summer, construction crews have uncovered some old treasures. Some of the items are from the year 1900 or earlier.

There's new artwork from local artists being hung in new hotel rooms, but interspersed with the glitz will be some relics from the rail station's history. Nobody had any idea the original benches at Union Station held chapters of Denver history inside.

"Some of it was barely legible," art consultant Molly Casey said. "Old luggage tickets, so hopefully those people actually got their luggage."

And old time Hollywood star cards.

"People used to collect Hollywood icon cards," Casey said.

They were caked with dirt. Now they're polished, preserved, framed and ready to adorn the walls with a blend of new and old.

There are original linen blueprints for the 1914 expansion to the station.

"Linen is something architects used before they started moving to paper," Casey said.

Union Station will offer transportation, retail, food and drink -- but the artistic consultants hope visitors will drink in the history hung around almost every corner.

All of the historical items will be displayed in the public areas of Union Station so that everyone can enjoy them.

Union Station
(credit: CBS)


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