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State of Colorado sending out TABOR refund checks. Don't accidentally throw the envelope away!

State of Colorado sending out TABOR refund checks
State of Colorado sending out TABOR refund checks 00:51

Every Colorado resident should double check their mail before they toss out any envelopes this month. There could be a tax refund check for you.

The State of Colorado has started to send out TABOR refund checks of at least $750.

This is what the envelope looks like:


It's not junk mail, so don't throw it away!

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State officials have set up a hotline for people who have questions about their checks. Coloradans can call 303.951.4996.

Here's what money experts say about making the most of your refund:

  • Before you spend anything, make sure it goes to your most pressing need.
  • Second, pay down your credit cards -- eliminate high interest debt.
  • Then, pay down other debts like your car loans or overdue utility bills.
  • Put anything left into savings.
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