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Record-high evictions filed in Denver this year, city leaders agree on more assistance

Record-high evictions filed in Denver this year, city leaders agree on more assistance
Record-high evictions filed in Denver this year, city leaders agree on more assistance 02:29

Denver County Court has seen more eviction case filings this year than any other since the 2008 housing crisis.

The city has already seen over 10,000 cases filed in 2023, and the city is on track to exceed 12,000 by the end of the year.

It also comes at a time when people are not going to be getting rental assistance from the city. That's because the demand of people needing help this year was so high, that the city's rental and eviction assistance programs are currently not accepting applications.

There's simply not enough money left. However, with an agreement earlier this week by the Denver City Council and Mayor Mike Johnston, more funding will be available next year.

The agreement was on nearly $30 million for rental assistance next year. Elina Rodriguez is the manager of policy advocacy and organizing at the Community Economic Defense Project. She called the agreement historic.

"What it is doing is positioning us better for 2024, so that we're not facing the same dire circumstances that we're facing now in 2023," said Rodriguez.


The project works to keep people in their homes who are facing eviction, among providing other resources. Rodriguez said advocates at the organization have seen first-hand impacts the economy is having on the community this year.

"Our tenant advocates have been swamped. We are at an all time high and historic high," said Rodriguez, who added many of their clients are still working two jobs orhave disabilities.

Rodriguez said the number of evictions filed this year is alarming. Plus, with inclement and colder weather on the way, people are even more vulnerable.

"The mayor has done their part, and city council has done their part. Now, localities are coming up with innovative and creative ways to put a Band-Aid on a really big wound," said Rodriguez.

However, Rodriguez said the agreement will help people facing evictions next year, but doesn't help those facing eviction in the next two months.

"The pot is empty, the portal has closed, there are no more resources that we can offer folks," said Rodriguez. "It is a city-wide issue and one that should make us all very nervous."

Applications will reopen in January for people needing rental and eviction assistance. That's when more funding will become available.

According to the city, one in three households in Denver are paying more than a third of their income for housing.

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