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Rare Videos: 'Ranger Tiffany' Captures Footage Of Mountain Lion Family Life In Roxborough State Park

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) -- You can feel the love in the air in Roxborough State Park. Mountain lions are pairing up and cubs are being born -- and Ranger Tiffany McCauley has captured some incredible videos of their private moments.

mountain lion
(credit: CPW Ranger Tiffany McCauley)

On Sunday, McCauley shared a video of a solitary mountain lion passing a wildlife camera -- and noted they travel alone, "except for females with young or while mating."

Just a few days later, on Tuesday, McCauley shared video of "a rare sight" -- a mated pair.

"They will travel together and mate for about a week before separating," McCauley tweeted. "She should give birth to a litter around October."

The next day, McCauley captured video of a mountain lion that suggests she may see cubs in Roxborough much sooner than that.

"This mountain lion has visible signs she may be nursing, she has dark circles on her underbelly and is traveling in daylight," she tweeted. "...hoping for some kittens soon."

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