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Army Halts Chemical Weapons Shipments From Colorado To Texas

PUEBLO, Colo. (CBS4) - The impacts of Hurricane Harvey are delaying a U.S. Army operation here in Colorado.

Officials at the Pueblo Chemical Depot say the storm has forced them to stop shipping wastewater to a plant in Texas where it's supposed to be destroyed.

(credit: Pueblo Chemical Depot / Facebook)

Workers in Pueblo are dismantling 2,600 tons of old shells containing mustard gas as part of a U.S. treaty signed in 1997 banning all chemical weapons.

The wastewater produced during that process was too much for the Pueblo facility to handle, so they started shipping it to Veolia Environmental Services Port Arthur, Texas in July.


Officials there say the wastewater is being stored safely until the plant can resume operations.

There's no word yet on when that'll happen.

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