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Black Women Protest Peacefully In Denver After Announcement Of No Charges For Officers In Breonna Taylor Death

(CBS4) - Black women got together to protest at the Colorado State Capitol Wednesday after learning no officers were charged in the death of Breonna Taylor. 

Shenika Carter
(credit: CBS)

"Black women are hurting," said organizer Shenika Carter. "Malcom X said that the Black woman was the most disrespected, neglected, and often forgotten person in our country." 

Shenika Carter
Shenika Carter (credit: CBS)

Carter helped organized the protest. She also organized a caravan from Colorado to Louisville, Kentucky, to join calls for justice where Breonna was killed. 

"I could be Breonna, my kids can be Breonna, they're coming for everyone and that is a problem," Carter said. 
Peaceful protestors, including state Rep. Leslie Herod, spoke out against racial injustice. 
"We believe in justice that we have not gotten, and as a Black woman standing in front of you, before this Captiol, we have not done our jobs in there," Herod told the crowd. 
From Kentucky to Colorado, Herod says there's no room for racism in our country. 
"In Colorado, people are dying at the hands of law enforcement, in Colorado, district attorneys refuse to prosecute murderers," said Herod. "You are slave drivers, and you are answering to white supremacy, and we don't need you." 
As protestors took to the streets of downtown Denver, organizers hope activists take action. 
"Protect Black women, protect women, protect our liberty, and protect our rights," Carter said.

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