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Pro Gun Group, CU React To New Guns On Campus Ruling

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - A new Colorado Supreme Court ruling will allow students to carry licensed concealed weapons on college campuses in Colorado.

The Supreme Court struck down the University of Colorado's gun ban. The court ruled that CU's ban was illegal because it was not approved by the state legislature.

For over 30 years students at CU haven't been allowed to carry guns on campus. It's a very sensitive issue, especially in the wake of tragedies like Virginia Tech.

Advocates have been trying to get guns on Colorado campuses for years, and they now have the backing of the Supreme Court.

"(It's a) big win for us," said Dudley Brown, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Executive Director.

The group argues public colleges are supported by taxpayers and the same rules should apply on campus as on a public street. They also say criminals are going to bring guns on campuses regardless and the ruling allows people to protect themselves.

"By allowing students, faculty and visitors on campus to carry concealed -- for law-abiding citizens, it's going to make it a safer place, it always does. More guns equal less crime," Brown said.

"We just got the ruling this morning, so we're digesting it," CU spokesperson Ken McConnellogue said.

McConnellogue says they're disappointed because they feel the Board of Regents is closest to the concerns of the campus and should be the ones who decide what happens on it.

"The Board of Regents back in 1970 made the decision that weapons were not conducive to a good learning environment and subsequent boards have thought the same thing," McConnellogue said.

Several students talked to CBS4 about the decision.

"I just don't think that, especially college kids, should have the responsibility of a fire arm," one student said.

"We're on campus. It's a safe environment as is it. I would consider a woman; they should have a gun, stuff happens to them," another student said.

CU now joins Colorado State University in allowing guns on campus. The decision does not apply to elementary or high schools.

A pro gun group told CBS4 several publicly-funded hospitals that have banned guns could be their next target.

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