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Pro-Gun Billboards Disturb Some Native Americans

Greeley Billboard
(credit: CBS)

GREELEY, Colo. (CBS) - Pro-gun rights billboards are stirring emotions in Greeley. The billboards feature pictures of Native Americans with the message "Turn in your arms, the government will take care of you."

Native American Keri Salazar says the ads are offensive and hurtful.

"It should never be to where an ethnic group should be exploited like that to serve the need of another purpose," she explained to CBS4's Tom Mustin.

Others in Greeley disagree, saying the billboards deliver a strong message about the Second Amendment.

"It sends a message the government has proven to be untrustworthy," said Greeley resident John Power, "and when they take your guns, we see what the results are."

But it's a painful image for Native American Christina Gutierrez.

"Native Americans drive by and see that, it's a reminder of how they are still treated today," she said.

"This is just one more exploitation," said Salazar.

No one has claimed responsibility for the billboards, and the Lamar Company that owns the billboards said they were purchased last week by local gun rights advocates who wanted to remain anonymous.

Without hearing from the designer of the billboards, it's not possible to know if the gun rights advocates behind them are pointing to any specific act the American government took against Native Americans.

The Lamar Company wouldn't say how much the group paid for the billboards. They did say they only have a two week lease.

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