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UPDATE: 'Posse' Wrangles Elusive Emu At Large In Montrose

MONTROSE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) -- The Montrose County Sheriff's Office announced an important update in the effort to return an elusive emu at large in the rural county to its rightful owner.

emu caught
(credit: Montrose County Sheriff)

"It takes a village," the sheriff's office posted.

Animal Control Deputy Robillard and an "emu wrangling posse" comprised of the owner, two Montrose Police Department animal control officers, and a gentleman from Waste Management managed to capture the elusive emu.

"After a 30 minute chase, the emu was apprehended with the catch pole," the sheriff wrote. "It was not 'emused.'"

However, the emu is home and safely recovering from its "walkabout."


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