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Gov. Polis Signs Executive Order To Open Alternate Care Sites

DENVER (CBS4) - The Colorado Convention Center is closer to being operational as an alternative care site. Gov. Jared Polis signed an Executive Order allowing the operation of alternate care sites in Colorado.

Colorado Convention Center.
A nurse's station under construction at the Colorado Convention Center. (credit: CBS)

Starting June 5, the convention center will be available for patients who no longer need in-patient hospital care.

The Ranch in Loveland has also been prepared for use for patients who need low-level care while recovering from COVID-19.

The alternate care sites will only be used if hospitals get overwhelmed. There are still concerns about that happening if we get a big second wave of cases but right now, with only about a third of the ventilators in Colorado in use, the need is not there.

colorado convention center credit co emergency mgmt2
The Alternative Care Site at the Colorado Convention Center (credit: Colorado Emergency Management)

"In the event that a COVID-19 infection surge threatens to overwhelm our healthcare resources, the State may activate alternate care sites (ACS) to increase hospitals' capacity to provide care to COVID-19 patients. The ACSs will be used to provide care to COVID-19 patients who no longer require inpatient hospitalization but still require some medical care and observation to ensure their safety and well-being while recovering from COVID-19," the Executive Order reads.

colorado convention center credit co emergency mgmt4
Colorado Convention Center (credit: Colorado Emergency Management)

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