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Police Want To Identify Motorcyclists Who Blocked I-25 During Yearly Event

By Karen Morfitt

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver police are working to identify hundreds of motorcyclists who stopped traffic along Interstate 25 and other roads over the weekend.

It's known as Kill the Streets where riders gather to show support for fellow motorcyclists who have been killed.

Ricky Jaramillo was one of those on the road Sunday.

"This ride is important because you know these deaths this year; some people are either drunk driving or under the influence of marijuana or other substances, and they don't watch out for us," he said.

kill the streets
(credit: Kill The Streets/Facebook)
kille the streets 2
(credit: Kill The Streets/Facebook)

Despite the cause, hundreds of riders blocked traffic along the I-25 near University Boulevard.

Denver police spokesperson Doug Schepman says those involved seemed to forget their message about safety.

"This wasn't about safety for some of the riders involved," Schepman said. "They were riding very unsafely, and it's not going to be tolerated."

Schepman says their dispatch center immediately started taking calls from drivers who were stuck behind the riders during the stunt. By the time officers could respond the mob of motorcycles had moved on.

Investigators are now using the city's nuisance law to try and take action. They are reviewing publicly-shared photos and video trying to identify those who were involved.

kill the streets 4
(credit: Kill The Streets/Facebook)
kill the street 3
(credit: Kill The Streets/Facebook)

"This is an option that we're exploring would be to identify motorcycles through licenses plates and possibly seize those motorcycles through a civil court process," Schepman said.

Those with photographs, video or witnessed the motorcyclists riding in a reckless manner are asked to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP, or send video to

Karen Morfitt Joined the CBS4 team as a reporter in 2013. She covers a variety of stories in and around metro Denver. Connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @karenmorfitt or email her tips.

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