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Police Search For Hit And Run Driver Who Ran Over Denver Grandmother

DENVER (CBS4)- A Denver grandmother is recovering from serious injuries after she was run over while crossing the street. The driver who struck her and sped away has not been captured.

Anna Stadlbauer was struck on Monday while crossing the street at 22nd and Stout. The 86-year-old grandmother walked through the neighborhood everyday. She was on her way home from picking up her eyeglasses when the driver ran her down.

Anna Stadlbauer
Anna Stadlbauer (credit: CBS)

"My mother had four children, 12 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and she's the youngest 86-year-old you'll ever meet," said Anna's daughter AnnaMarie Rogers.

Anna's family is sad and angry about what happened to her.

"She is fighting for her life," said Rogers. "A lot of her bones are broken on the left hand side, she's having trouble breathing."

What this group can't understand is why the driver didn't stop, didn't try to help, didn't even call 911.

"They need to catch this person. They need to prosecute this person," said Rogers.

"God and the law. You can hide from one but you can't hide from both," said Anna's son Otto Stadlbauer.

Police in Denver are searching for a white, 4-door Hyundai Sonata. Witnesses describe the driver of the Sonata as a 35-year-old white female with brown hair in a bun and wearing a white tank top.

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