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Plea Bargain Apparently Reached for Former Preschool Teacher In Child Porn Case

DENVER (CBS4) - David Moe, a former preschool teacher charged with distributing, receiving and owning child pornography, has apparently reached a plea bargain agreement.

Through his attorney, Lisa Moses, Moe has filed documents saying, "The parties have reached a disposition in this matter."

Moe's lawyer is asking that all hearings be abandoned and Moe be allowed to change his plea to guilty at a hearing set for May 30. Moe initially pleaded not guilty.

Moe was a teacher at Denver's prestigious Paddington Station Preschool for 18 years but was arrested and charged in 2012. Investigators said when they searched his home they found hundreds of CDs and DVDs and that many contained child pornography.

If his case went to trial and Moe was convicted, he faced up to 20 years in prison.

The U.S. Attorney in Denver has noted the new development on its website saying, "A notice of disposition is a court filing notifying the court that an agreement has been reached between the prosecution and the defense where the defendant is given an opportunity to plead guilty. The terms and details of the plea agreement are not available publicly until after the change of plea hearing."

The notice goes on to say that Moe can change his mind and cancel the plea deal and still ask for a jury trial, "Although that does not happen often," according the U.S. Attorney's website.

This statement came from the Paddington Station Board of Directors: We are pleased that the investigation by the federal authorities appears to have been concluded and the case against David Moe for possession of child pornography appears to have been resolved. The school is very saddened that the parents were put through the trauma of and worry about Mr. Moe's activities, and to the best of our knowledge that thorough investigation did not reveal any involvement of Paddington children in Mr. Moe's activities.

Paddington Station looks forward to its new permanent Head of School, Deb Deverall, coming on board in July, and continuing to move the school forward to new levels of excellence.

- Written by Brian Maass for

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