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'Whole Area Was On Fire': Evacuated Residents Watch As Firefighters Battle Platte River Fire

JEFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Firefighters continue their battle with the Platte River Fire, Friday, by ground and by air. CBS4's crew watched as helicopters dropped buckets of water on hot spots. Firefighters said crews were still working to knock down a few hot spots.

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The fire is believed to be caused by a tree falling on a power line.

Nearby residents like Dan Collinson watched from afar as the response continued.

"(I am watching) just to check out the wind and make sure it's not coming our way," Collinson told CBS4's Dillon Thomas.

Collinson said he was thrilled to see the smoke had largely dissipated over Thursday night.

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(credit: CBS)

"Last night they had this jet come through we slurry. It was amazing to watch," Collinson said. "Today, we walked out and you really couldn't see the smoke."

Residents said the fire brought back memories to 2012 when the Lower North Fork Fire charred the land between their homes and where the Platte River Fire is currently burning.

"This whole area was on fire when we evacuated," Collinson said.

Jefferson County emergency officials closed the evacuation center at Conifer High School as the fire continued to shrink.

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(credit: CBS)

Collinson said he was thrilled to know the fire could be handled quickly but was holding out from being too excited.

"At any point a fire is dangerous," Collinson said. "It depends on winds. You never know. We like to get lucky."

On Friday evening, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office announced that evacuations for the Platte River Fire will remain in place until Sunday evening. That evacuation area is along South Platte River Road and South Foxton Road. Twenty-five people have been contacted to leave their homes.

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