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Plane Crashed Upon Landing In Elbert County

ELBERT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- A plane crashed in Elbert County Saturday afternoon, flipping onto its roof as it landed.

Elbert County Sheriff dispatch confirms the crash is in the area of Elbert County Roads 94 and 73. That is about 12 miles southeast of Kiowa.

A neighbor said the pilot was flying at low speed as he descended towards a landing strip on his property. He said the pilot's name is Bob Boozell.

Authorities have not officially identified the pilot, who was taken to the hospital. He suffered what appeared to be minor injuries.

Early responders said the pilot was trapped, but neighbors said he was just struggling to get out of the plane since he was still buckled in.

The FAA describes the plane as a RV-4, which is small, lightweight and home-built.

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