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'Wish We Could Play In Place Where They Don't Like Tom Very Much, Indianapolis, Denver or Boston': Former Broncos QB Peyton Manning Roasts Tom Brady

(CBS4)- The rivalry between former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and former New England Patriots, now Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, has been well documented. The two have had a healthy amount of competition against each other through the years and even though Manning is now retired, the rivalry remains very much alive.

The pair are competing in a charity golf match alongside Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson later this month called "The Match: Champions For Charity". As one would imagine, the trash talk began almost immediately upon the announcement of the match with Brady firing the first volley on Twitter.

Manning took that blow and then delivered one of his own on a livestream with the four champions on Thursday.

"The course had to be in Florida after Tom's B&E arrest, with the ankle monitor he couldn't leave the state," joked Manning referring to an incident earlier in May in which Brady mistakenly entered the wrong home in Florida. "Tiger and I talked to the sheriff in Tampa and he's going to be allowed to go to Palm Beach to play. I'll be honest, I've never played Tom very well on his home turf. Maybe this is considered a neutral site. I would have loved to have had this tournament in a place where they don't like Tom very much Indianapolis, Denver....Boston after he just betrayed them and broke their hearts."

Manning admitting his personal record against Brady wasn't great and then turning the tables with a jab at him for leaving Boston was great. If you want to watch the whole livestream, it can be found on YouTube here.

The jokes are all in good fun of course as the four are doing their best to get fans excited for the match which will see the golfers and WarnerMedia make a $10 million collective donation to COVID-19 relief efforts.


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