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Guess Who The Broncos Hired For A Summer Internship? Peyton Manning

(CBS4) - The Denver Broncos had some fun with their release of the 2021 game schedule. On Wednesday evening, to celebrate the announcement of the schedule, they had Peyton Manning pretend he is going to be a summer intern for the team in a video.

The 4 minute video starts out with the former Denver Broncos star telling everyone he's very excited to "get back into football." It shows him pushing a mailroom cart through a hallway at team headquarters in Englewood and passing mail into offices like a quarterback.

Other duties Manning is shown doing include shining up a football with a brush, dusting off the Super Bowl 50 sign, putting food orders in to the kitchen staff (in a way very similar to how he barked out plays at the line of scrimmage back in the day), spreading fertilizer on the practice field and answering the phone. He struggles, however, with trying to get footballs out of a pool with a cleaning pole, and he fails miserably at the washing of team jerseys in the laundry room.

Manning jokes that he's using "his real-world experiences and skill sets" for the intership. Then it cuts to a scene with him showing Miles the Mascot how to do a proper spinaround in an office chair.

The video also includes some fun outtakes, including a sleepy Manning napping with his feet up on the desk and an excited Manning showing off to his new office-mates after he "creates his first TikTok." (Sorry sports fans, Peyton doesn't actually do social media.)

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