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Jury Awards Nearly $9M To Families Who Accused Paul Jones In Fertility Fraud Case

(CBS4) - A jury has awarded nearly $9 million to families accusing a fertility doctor of impregnating women with his own sperm. Paul Jones, a former fertility doctor, will pay 30% of the total $8.7 million. The clinic in Grand Junction he used to work for will pay out the other 70% to three families.

Dr. Paul Jones
Dr. Paul Jones (credit: CBS)

Jones was sued for allegedly using his own sperm to impregnate several women without their knowledge.

At least 9 men and women discovered that Jones was their biological father through commercial DNA databases. All had mothers with fertility issues who were patients of Jones in the 1980s.

"I wanted my kids to be in on this because Dr. Jones has a gene that he has cystic fibrosis in his family, and he gave it to my daughter, who in turn gave it to her son, who has to take medication now for the rest of his life," said Floyd Elliott, a father involved in the lawsuit.

The other families in this case had already reached their own settlements with Jones, who gave up his medical license in 2019.

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