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Parents Say Student Walkouts Are Teaching Opportunity

By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS4) - 8th graders Izzy Carabetta and Elliot Guinness have had a busy week.

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(credit: CBS)

They were part of a group at McAuliffe International School in Denver who designed t-shirts to raise awareness about gun violence.

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At first, the shirts were for sale at their school, but when their story got out, people around the Denver metro area started calling and asking how they could buy them. The money they raise will be donated the Giffords Law Center to prevent gun violence and Gabby Giffords herself even tweeted about the students.

"I honestly didn't think anyone else would see what we're doing," said Izzy Carabetta.

When CBS4's Dominic Garcia met with them again on Tuesday, he also got to meet their parents who said they came to them about the shirts and a planned school walk out…something they support.

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Jennifer Carabetta (Far L), Patrick Guinness (Center L), Elliot Guinness (Center R), Izzy Carabetta (Far R) (credit: CBS)

"I think this is really important that they're doing this and raising questions and saying how can they get this to stop," said Izzy's mother, Jennifer Carabetta.

When asked how they have been talking to their kids about the walkouts, the parents said it's their kids who have been talking to them.

"These kids are more capable than, I think sometimes, we give them credit for. I'm trying to stay back and not help too much," said Carabetta.

Copter Tuesday Ft.Collins School walk outs_frame_54931
Copter4 flew over the student walkout in Fort Collins on Tuesday (credit: CBS)

They think many eyes will be on the kids as they walk out of school in Denver and across the country. The parents hope it sends a message that things need to change.

"Hopefully it trickles up to the parents, and they start voting because these kids aren't voting age yet. So hopefully they start voting to get something done because the government isn't doing anything," Patrick Guinness told CBS4.

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Visit a special section of to order a shirt.

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