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Parents Say Daughter Was Murdered, Want Case Reopened

CARBONDALE, Colo. (CBS4) - A Garfield County family plans to ask the state attorney general to reopen the case of their daughter's death.

Morgan Ingram, 20, was found dead in her home near Carbondale last December. The autopsy done in Mesa County originally indicated the death came from natural causes, but the official cause of death changed this summer to indicate suicide from an overdose of prescription drug. Mesa County's coroner usually handles autopsies for deaths in Garfield County.

Morgan's family believes she was murdered by a man who had been stalking her.

"She was followed in the car, he would show up at the house, banging on her window again," said her mother Toni Ingram.

According to the family, the stalking started in August 2011. The sheriff's office says they visited the Ingrams' neighborhood nearly 50 times in a four month span, and never found any signs of a stalker. But the family say the taunting by the man dressed in dark clothes was relentless -- at all hours of the night -- until the Aspen High School graduate was found dead in her bed.

The family also says mistakes were made in the death investigation.

Toni Ingram
Toni Ingram, Morgan's mother, speaks about the case (credit: CBS)

"There were all these little things that kept bugging me and bugging me and adding up," Toni Ingram said.

Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario told CBS4 his department spent a lot of time working on the case, and that it will remain closed.

"We investigate every death we come across as a homicide and then again we let the facts and the evidence to take us where it's going to take us," he said. "We have no reasonable suspicion, let alone probable cause that we have any suspect."

Morgan's family recently set up a website to devoted to her story and to build interest online in the case. The site has been getting national attention recently been recording thousands of hits on a daily basis.


"We're going to the attorney general's office, we're going to do whatever it takes to get the investigation reopened," Toni Ingram said.

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