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Paramedic Awarded For Saving Officer's Life

DENVER (CBS4) – A paramedic at Denver Health Medical Center was recognized earlier this week for his heroic actions that helped save the life of a Denver police officer.

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Lt. Otis McKay responded to 24th Street and Curtis Street last June when police officers came across a murder suspect.

That suspect then started attacking one officer. The violent scuffle lasted several minutes until other police officers arrived.

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McKay saw it happen and rushed to help.

"They're our big brothers, if you will, taking care of us and providing security. This was a chance for us to give back to them," said McKay.

He was also hurt during the attack, but says he's been through it before and would do it again to help his first responder family.

On Tuesday, McKay was presented with the Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Award.

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"I'm humbed and honored," said McKay.

The Daniel's Fund also donated $1,000 to the Denver Health Foundation in McKay's honor to help future paramedics.

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"I'm fortunate to have been there with this one incident, but I believe with my heart that each and every one of our paramedics would've done the same thing on any given day. And the Denver Police Department does it 10 times a day," said McKay.

DPD Chief Robert White credits Mckay with likely saving the officer's life and protecting the community.

"There's so many variables that happen on any emergency call and anytime you know that you've got somebody that's got your back all the way to the wall, that's a good feeling," said White. "I hope to be that asset to them and I know they are for us."

McKay has served as a paramedic for 25 years.

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