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Owner Of Pit Bull Claims Mistakes Were Made When Dog Put Down

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)- The owner of a pit bull in Jefferson County said he didn't get to fight for his dog's right and claims mistakes were made. Now he's taking action against the county.

The Animal Law Center, a non-profit advocate group, has filed a contempt of court motion on behalf of the dog's owner, Jacob McCartney, involving the Jefferson County Attorney's Office and Foothills Animal Shelter.

They claim the legal process was not complete when the dog, Dream, was put down.

"She really was my best friend, she went everywhere with me," said McCartney.

McCartney said he was devastated when his pit bull was euthanized.

Jeffco classified Dream as a dangerous dog after she bit a 3-year-old in the face, leaving severe injuries.

McCartney and his attorney claim they filed an appeal on Oct. 8, two days before their deadline. That appeal should have temporarily stopped Dream from being euthanized until the court could review that appeal.

"Not only did Judge Vance put a stay on this case but then upon filing in their courts there was another stay," said Animal Law Center attorney Jennifer Edwards. "There were basically three different stays on this dog."

The statement from the Jeffco attorney on the case claims she called the clerk's office three times and even checked the database but found no appeal in the system.

The county attorney then states she received a call from a clerk on Oct. 14 stating that no appeal or motion had been filed.

Dream was put down the next day.

It wasn't until Oct. 16, one day after Dream was put down that she said she was notified of McCartney's appeal.

Jeffco County Attorney released a statement that their office had no record of the appeal filed on the day Dream was put down. They also said they cannot comment any further because of pending litigation.

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