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Public Voices Opinions About Proposed I-25 Expansion

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - People for and against expanding Interstate 25 in El Paso County learned how the proposed project will be completed.

The Colorado Department of Transportation wants to improve an 18 mile section of I-25 from Monument to Castle Rock.

I25 EXPANSION MEETING 5VO.transfer_frame_0
Meeting on proposed I-25 expansion in El Paso County. (credit: CBS)

While some question if the project is needed, others want to get it done.

"What I like about the project is that we are going to get wider, safer roads in what appears to be a shorter period of time. And we really need to increase the safety. It's just a really dangerous stretch of road," said Marissa Finger.

I25 EXPANSION MEETING 5VO.transfer_frame_120
(credit: CBS)

Mike Cloutier, who lives in El Paso County hates this project.

"I think it's a travesty of course! They showed numbers that had us growing by over two million. Where is all the revenue going that we can't manage this? It's management by crisis every time," he said.

I25 EXPANSION MEETING 5VO.transfer_frame_330
(credit: CBS)

Voters recently approved two measures that will help fund the project.

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