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Old Home Gets New Use For Homeless Youth

By Joel Hillan

DENVER (CBS4) - A rundown old house off of West 3rd Avenue and Broadway is getting a full makeover and a new purpose.  It's being transformed into a home for some of Colorado's most vulnerable: our homeless youth.

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"In the midst of my addiction I just simply wanted to die," said Providence Network grad Bryan Rickman, "That was my ultimate goal, just to have the pain end. Today my life is good, it's really good."

In two years, Bryan went from a homeless drug addict with no home and no hope to a clean and sober productive member of our community. Providence Network already manages four homes like this in the Denver area and the teens housed there. This $1.1 million project will provide 12 more Denver youth with an opportunity to break the cycle.

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Over a dozen small business owners were brought together by The Lion Project to restore this house.  Todd Sexton with Sexton Financial says this service opportunity presents a new way to connect with his employees.

"A lot of times I find in an office, day-to-day, people just kind of get work done and you don't connect.  I think on a different level, being able to spend time out of the office and get to know not only your employees, but other people who are service minded as well can be helpful," Sexton told CBS4.

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Like minds and hands coming Together 4 Colorado.

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"I have options today," said Rickman. "I have a wonderful job, I have people around me who love me. I have the opportunity to love other people.  That's crazy, that's not something that I could have ever dreamed for myself."

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The Providence Network says the Silver Lining House should be completed by November 1st, 2017.

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