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Officer Adsit Believes His Bike Helmet Saved His Life

DENVER (CBS4)- Officer John Adsit was nearly killed when he was run over while trying to protect high school students who were protesting police violence in December 2014.  Now, he's sharing his recovery journey with CBS4's Alan Gionet.

Adsit took out a box labeled "Fatal Accident" that was filled with the uniform and clothes he was wearing that day he was riding along Colfax Avenue.

"And as you can tell, a lot of this is not from a paramedic cutting them off of me," said Adsit.

(credit: CBS)

Adsit doesn't remember the car driven by a man who was having a seizure when he plowed into a group of officers and dragged Adsit a half of block.

Christopher Booker pleaded guilty to charges of vehicular assault and attempt to influence a public servant and was sentenced to six years in a halfway house.

Christopher Booker1
Christopher Booker in court (credit: CBS)

Adsit believes his helmet saved his life, "The visor barely got clipped there."

(credit: CBS)

The rest of his injuries were so bad, it has become apparent that he wasn't expected to survive.

Black Mercedes Christopher Booker John Adsit
The black Mercedes driven by Christopher Booker that struck four Denver Police officers (credit: CBS)

"This is a complete artificial skin graft. Had a fasciotomy to save this leg," said Adsit.

That happened when doctors sliced open his leg to relieve swelling.

(credit: CBS)

Now Adsit is helping other injured first responders with his Adsit Strong organization.

"I feel like God kind of called me into this role of stepping up and being the voice for individuals who either weren't willing or kind of didn't want to talk about what they've gone through," said Adsit.

(credit: CBS)

It's the second year for Rise & Run 5K on Saturday, Sept. 17 to benefit Wounded First Responders.

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