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Occupy Denver Protesters Appoint Shelby The Dog As New Leader

DENVER (CBS4) - On Saturday several hundred Occupy Denver protesters marched through the streets of downtown Denver -- this time with a new leader.

The protesters elected a dog named Shelby as their leader. They were trying to demonstrate that if corporations are people, so are dogs. Shelby led the march against corporate personhood.

There was a heavy police presence at 14th and Broadway where there has been several confrontations in recent weeks.

Police said that they are asking the Occupy protestors to remove some of the items that are on sidewalk like mattresses, sleeping bags and chairs. Police said the protesters are allowed to stand on the sidewalk, but city ordinance bans them from placing items on the right of way.

Police moved in with riot gear around 5:30 p.m. to control the crowd. Police put out a grill that sent a large plume of smoke into the air. Sonny Jackson with Denver police told CBS4 there were five arrests.

Northbound Lincoln Street was closed as well as 14th Avenue between Broadway and Lincoln. Drivers were told to avoid the area.

Friday night some Occupy Denver protesters stormed the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Denver. Some conservative bloggers had gathered there for a meeting. Witnesses said there was shouting and shoving. The Occupy crowd was asked to leave, and they did except for one man. He was arrested for trespassing.

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