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No suspects arrested 6 years after Maggie Long was found murdered in her Colorado home

Friday marks six years since the murder of Maggie Long, there have been no arrests
Friday marks six years since the murder of Maggie Long, there have been no arrests 00:25

It's been 6 years since Maggie Long was murdered in her home near Bailey. She had returned home before a school event and was met by burglars. 

They set her and the house on fire and took off with an assault rifle, handgun and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

"Our quest for justice for Maggie remains steadfast," said Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw in a statement. "The dedicated members of the Maggie Long Task Force, including the Park County Sheriff's Office, the 11th Judicial District Attorney's Office, and our state and federal partners have never stopped the search for those responsible for Maggie's death and will continue to follow every lead until we find resolution in this case."

Maggie Long Long family

Sketches of the suspects have been circulating. The reward in this case is now up to $75,000. Maggie was a senior at Platte Canyon High School when she was murdered. 

The FBI has classified this as a hate crime because of Maggie's Asian descent.

The search for Maggie's killers goes on. Those providing tips can remain anonymous by calling (303) 239-4243 or email:


"As we've stated previously, someone has that key piece of information that will lead to the arrest of those responsible for Maggie's murder," said McGraw in a statement. "It will take one person with one piece of information that will help our investigative team bring resolution to this case for Maggie, her family and the Bailey community."

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