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Denver Broncos Unveil Official 2019 NFL Draft Hat

By Zack Kelberman

DENVER (247 SPORTS) - It's that time of the year again.

On Tuesday, league-sponsored provider New Era released NFL draft hats for all 32 teams, a precursor to the three-day offseason spectacle scheduled to kick off April 25.

The Broncos' cap is an homage to the state, featuring orange and white "mountains" and Denver's club logo placed smack dab in the middle. Compared to previous iterations, this is an understated design, which you can see below.

The hat will cost anywhere from $31.99 to $37.99, depending on style of the bill. New Era's Director of Football, Ryan DiNunzio, recently explained the thought process behind each design.

"This idea as we go through to celebrate the past of the NFL and innovation of where it's moving, we really wanted to start with where the game began within each local community," DiNunzio told "It's a unique way to say this is where we started, this is who we are, this is what we're about, this is the community we represent. At the same time it tells a separate story of welcoming a new member into that community. Really trying to tell this message of this is where we're going, this is who we represent and welcome into the community."

The Broncos currently hold eight picks for the 2019 draft, including the No. 10 overall selection. They have needs to fill at quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, linebacker, along the offensive and defensive lines, and in the secondary.

After shoring up other roster holes, they're expected to take — and gift an aforementioned hat to — the best available player on their Big Board.

"I think that our philosophy has always been to try and take care of the glaring holes in free agency so we're open to something in the draft," general manager John Elway said last month. "We don't have to draft a need; we can draft a football player. It opens us up quite a bit. We feel like there are a lot of good football players at 10. We'll get through this free agency period, and once we get back in April, we'll start working on the draft and the draft board. We feel like this gives us a lot of different options with that 10th pick, as well as the second and third. We're at the top of those rounds, so we feel like there are a lot of good football players that will be there to help us."

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