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New Video Of Broadwell In Aspen Raises More Questions

DENVER (CBS4) - 4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger previously reported on Paula Broadwell's connection to Colorado and how comments she made during a speech at the University of Denver last month had some people wondering if she knew classified information. Now he's obtained more video of Broadwell in Colorado.

The video shows Broadwell making comments in Aspen for the Aspen Institute on July 28 at the Aspen Security Conference. It was simply entitled "Media Panel," but nobody there had any idea of the story that was to come.

Broadwell spoke of her time with now former CIA Director David Petraeus.

"I was embedded with Gen. Petraeus in Afghanistan, and it was a little confusing to some of the folks there because I am also a military reservist with a top secret SCI clearance and then some," Broadwell told the audience.

SCI stands for "Sensitive Compartmented Information."

There was no hint then that Petraeus would become much more than just a mentor and whether she obtained unauthorized information.

"I had access to everything, it was my experience not to leak it, not to violate my mentor, if you will," she said. "He was a very close mentor."

Broadwell's ties to Colorado go further than that appearance. She obtained her master's degree in international security at the University of Denver.

She spoke at an alumni symposium a few weeks ago, and in early October appeared at a fundraiser for female Republican state legislative candidates.

Her time embedded with Petraeus that she discussed in Aspen is now taking on a new perspective.

Paula Broadwell
Paula Broadwell speaking at the University of Denver in October (credit: CBS)

"From the journalist or author point of view, you can't get the story in the granular detail ... unless you go there and you live it a little bit," she told the Aspen audience.

According to the Associated Press, Broadwell also said in an interview at the Aspen Institute that Petraeus was "quite a physical specimen."

Broadwell has still not offered any public comments on the Petraeus resignation.

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